5 facts about men with long hair

So here’s the thing about us long haired fellas. We love our hair and that’s that.

There is this idea floating about, and we all know about it, some of us too polite to say it in our presence. The idea that if your hair has the ability to flow in the wind that suddenly you have to be feminine or “girly” as the saying goes. The truth is this… My hair grows out of my skull in the same way that it grows out of a woman’s.

So here they are, five facts about men with long hair.

1. We are men

Some people think that we are some hybrid form of the male species, simply because we have longer tresses covering our ears.

2. Yes, we do condition

We look after our hair in the same way you do. We don’t want knots or kinks or breakages.

3. We sometimes pay less for our hair.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but the place that looks after my hair charges me less to it simply because I’m a guy, it’s the men’s straighten and blow . And I’m not complaining.

4. Yes, I have an extra elastic for you.

Just go ahead and ask, we are prepared for the eventual snap of the elastic band.

5. You can run your fingers through it any time

One line… One word for this… Yes!


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