Virtual Reality living 

It has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post, but ce la vie. 

So thought I might as well do a review post of one of my favourite gadgets right now. The Typo Virtual reality headset. 

Oooooooh aaaaaaah woooooow. Ill stop. 

This nifty little device sure does bring you into a whole other world. I must admit I was skeptical to say the least about this and similar other headsets. Once on you are instantly transported to a whole other world; look left and you’re looking to your left in a virtual world,look right and the same thing happens… far out (I can still be cool). 

It’s comfortable to wear and does not put unnecessary Strain on your eyes. It is not made for a specific device, it allows you to use whatever phone you already have…its kind of like a one size fits all, and not the China town kind of “fits all” if you catch my drift. 

I’d say if you want to escape the monotony of your colder climate, or if it’s too hot to step out from the shade. Grab yourself the Typo Virtual reality headset and get out of town.



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