Winter whites

And they said white couldn’t be worn during winter… well I sure as heck ain’t going to be wearing this brilliantly warm jersey during the peak of summer.

Being a simple guy means that we take what we have and wear it in new and interesting ways without having to go through the extensive hours of trying on clothes that we really have no interest in wearing in the first place. So in the middle of summer it was necessary for me to wear a cosy jersey with a pair of short shorts.

This outfit was simply inspired by the need to feel cool and warm at the same time… And if I’m honest I would have happily walked around barefooted as well.

The jersey is a family garment passed down to me (sounds charming when put like that,  but really it was just something that no one else wanted). And so that’s that, simple, functional and down right stylish.




Jody V Ford


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