Take your measly five


There is already so little time in the day to spend on the things that you need to get done, for work, and  the needs of your friends and family that it baffles me that there could even be a space of five minutes to yourself, most days. But, the fact of the matter is that you need it, even if it is only for those five minutes.


Take some time out of your days to spend time focusing on you. Yes you. So many people attempt to guard you against focusing on yourself, for fear of beckoning on vanity and narcissism. I say this, it’s only vanity when the intention is to place yourself in a higher esteem that the people around you.

Take your measly five

When your intention is to bolster up your spirit and your mind or soul then why not.  Why not spend those measly five minutes doing something that makes you feel like… THE KING OF THE WORLD! Whatever it is make it count, make it special, make it something that is sacred to you and only you.


Writing this post is my five minutes… What’s yours.

Jody V Ford


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