How to be hap hap happy: Tossing the lemon


What has always been clear to me and a few of you is that being happy is something that either comes as easy as   pie or its something that you find your best friends and people around struggle tremendously with. Being happy sounds like the daftest thing in the world… Like what is the deal with this dude writing about “being happy” but the truth is that choosing this state of being is often the best and only way to get through the crappiness of life. Not that life is all crappy but we all know that it certainly can be.

So how to be Happy… Well if it were as simple as that then wouldn’t everyone be. 

Tossing the lemon

I know what you’re thinking, “what is this guy on about.”  let’s think about it, when life throws you with sour (really nasty sour)  lemons you have a choice to either eat the lemon or you could simply toss it aside… Why make lemonade, that’s kinda gross .

You get into a serious argument with your best mate,  your folks or even that annoying brat of a co-worker, you storm off and find that even when you aren’t next to the person you are still fuming. Which means you got thrown the lemon (the argument) and you took it with you and you are chewing and sucking it in for all its worth. 

Your brand new cellphone (do people still use this term) tablet or laptop dies on you and you’ve lost the receipt before you took out insurance. This would be the lemon. The most obvious thing would be to sit and sulk in your own misery about the cellphone that is now non-existent and fume about how you could have had this amazing device.  You also end up envying everyone around you for having what you now find don’t have… Sucking the lemon.

Now for as long as I could remember I’ve have been unable to hold resentment, it seems to evade me at every corner like a thing that evades (not a mosquito). And no matter how hard I try I cannot for the life of me seem to muster up the courage to be resentful or angry. So here’s what I’ve learnt.  If I don’t have the ability to be angry then that must mean that you can get to a place where you are not harbouring resentment of anger either. It may be hard but it certainly is possible. I am a human being that cannot seem to hold onto the lemon,  you may be one of those humans who struggle to let if go. 

So, how do you “toss the lemon” . You make a choice. You decide that you are in no way going to waste your life away sucking on something that is not going to bring you anything but a sour puss.  You make a decision that whatever it is you are going to be better smarter and wiser. You realise that there is no use in pining away over what could have been… Because guess what, you can’t change the way things were or how they happened you can only decide how you will respond to it… Chew on or chuck the lemon. And lastly by doing so think how much easier it will be to breath and simply how easy it will be to just be happy.

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Jody V Ford


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