What the HELLicopter is happening?

Ok so this is definetly a vent post. I cannot stand the fact that in a progressive culture that we in South Africa are attaining to there are people who want to tarnish not only the name of this majestic country but that they do it to the future of it.

Lets not sit back any longer and let children women and the often forgotten men of this country get abused raped and killed by the hands of criminals. This is our country and we cannot stand for this anymore. I was reading on a news website a yesterday of a father that killed his seven month old child with a broken glass bottle and my first thought was, my god I wish I could have saved that child and the countless others out there. What has this UBUNTU society come to if we are killing our own children, and where are we going?

Of course the majority of people in this beloved country are amazing and do good everyday, without thinking, but we need to weed these pests out of our society. How? Not by acts of violence or hatred or even through grandiose rallies but through the small things. Like the next time you see something like someone dropping litter on the ground, politely tell them or if you suspect someone is being hurt by anyone, intervene and stop it . Teach our children that bullying is wrong beyond any explicable measure and that there is nothing glamorous about it. And lastly the most powerful thing we can do, and this is probably going to sound very FREE TO BE YOU AND ME, but just be kind to one another. Let me leave you with these words ‘If you find that you have nothing nice to say to anyone then rather say nothing at all’

Later y’all


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