This seemingly average word that in South Africa have come to represent distinct phases and outlooks to society over the past couple of decades. A word that made you feel inadequate or ashamed or that basically shut you up for saying what you were thinking or doing. And yet still today the case is that they are still floating around, still wielding their mighty swords at the innocent men and women who dare to be themselves, who dare to explore the world they way it was meant to be. Allow me to explain:
So a young Afrikaner boy or girl suddenly discovers the seemingly innocent sport of wait for it… ah nee ah…MASTUBATATION and ma or pa walks in on them and the first thing that gets uttered is SIES!!! In that innocent moment of juvenile experiment a word is uttered that changes the way that child thinks about him or herself forever. Or maybe the year is 1962 and that same young boy starts a friendship with the domestics son, Ma or Pa see this and SIES!!! What I’m trying to point is the extreme end of what happens when we shut our eyes to the possibility that there might be more in the world than just what is going on, on your porch. And that by shutting everything down with a seemingly innocent SIES we are not helping ourselves or these children that we are trying to raise in acceptance of everything and everyone.
This simple word that has become prolific in our society, a word that carries with it the hate and shame of experience. That silences the imaginations of the young and old and that forces them into a position of such weakness that it paralyzes them. So lets put a ban on the unnecessary us of SIES and rather open ourselves up to the possibilities of the world.


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